Studio Owner: Bernadette Franklin

Hi I am Bernadette Franklin, Studio Director of the FAD Logan West studios.

My background with FAD goes back quite a few years and in that time have had the pleasure to introduce thousands of students into the wonderful world of Cheer & Dance. My proudest moments are seeing many of my former students are now bringing their children along to our classes! A new generation of FAD dancers and cheerleaders!

I am the longest serving FAD Cheer & Dance Studio Directors having owned and operated studios for 33 years. I am currently the director of seven Studio locations in the Logan West area; Acacia Ridge, Algester, Browns Plains, Greenbank, Logan Reserve, Marsden and Park Ridge. I have received numerous awards from the annual FAD presentation and also a Quest Business Achiever Award as I strive to run my studios to the highest possible standards. However, for me the biggest reward is seeing the faces of happy students experiencing the joy of Cheer and Dance.

I have a fantastic team of enthusiastic and motivated cheer and dance coaches just bursting to pass on their love of dance, cheer and all the thrills of performing. My Instructors are; Amanda, Blanche, Brittany, Emma, Gareth, Matt, Rebekah, Sarah and Tahlee who are delighted to encourage each and every student to achieve their dreams with their cheer and dance  training. We love to see students develop from their first tentative steps learning the basics to wowing the audience at our spectacular end of year cheer showcase or dance concert!

This year we will have over sixty classes per week on offer at our Logan West Studios: an extensive range of classes are on offer for dancers and cheerleaders of all ages and abilities. We will have eighteen Cheer, Dance and Pom competition teams in training. Competition team students get compete at a wide variety of Cheer and Dance competitions and also have performance opportunities to showcase their skills. Our competition teams had great success for 2018 bringing home 63 first, 43 second, 26 third place and 5 Grand Champions awards whilst enjoying the camaraderie, great sportsmanship and team spirit that we foster in our students..

Our emphasis at Logan West FAD Cheer and Dance is on making each and every student feel welcome and an important member of the FAD community – which is ultimately like a big family. Our students build great friendships and a wonderful bank of fabulous memories as they progress with their dance and cheer training. It is a privilege to work in such a positive and energetic industry; bringing the joy of movement, the excitement of dance and the thrill of cheerleading to a new generation of students at Logan West  studios of FAD Cheer & Dance.

Yours Sincerely
Bernadette Franklin – Studio Owner


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