Stunt, Tumble and Cheer with FAD All Star Cheerleading! Learn the fundamentals of cheerleading in a fun rewarding atmosphere.

FAD Cheer & Dance offers a program of traditional American Style Cheerleading, which is sweeping the globe as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. The classes are fun, challenging and teach all the fundamentals of cheerleading such as Stunts, Tumbles, Cheer, Dance and Pom. Cheerleading with FAD develops teamwork skills and sportsmanship in a friendly environment with coaches that really care.

FAD Cutie Combo class is fantastic introduction to both dance and cheerleading for the pre-school age. The class offers a mixture of Jazz, Hip Hop and Cheerleading routines allowing them to explore all 3 genres. As students progress from this age level, they can move onto the style or styles they like best to further develop their skill. This fun activity based class is a great introduction to Cheerleading.

This class commences building the fundamentals of Cheerleading with age appropriate Stunts, Tumbling, Cheers, Dance and Pom work. The skill training culminates in the fun cheer and pom performance routines building self confidence at an early age but most of all its lots of fun! Performances are completely optional.

FAD Cheerleading Classes are based on the USASF (United States All Star Cheerleading Federation) guidelines incorporating a progression-based program using internationally recognised safe cheer principles. The USASF safety rules are the primary guidelines used by the major Cheer and Dance competitions held in Australia and have been incorporated into our program.

The classes are fun, challenging, promote teamwork and involve training in Stunts, Tumbling, Cheers and Poms. FAD classes are designed for students to achieve at their own pace accommodating for all levels and abilities. Students in this class combine all of these cheer elements into exciting squad performance routines. Performances are completely optional.

This class has a greater emphasis on expressive performance presentation combined with high level skills. Designed for our advanced students seeking a greater challenge are invited to join one of FAD’s Elite Competitive Teams. These levels are an extension of the regular FAD Dance Program