FAD Cheerleading classes offer Level and Squad classes for all ability levels. Come learn the fundamentals of cheerleading in a fun rewarding atmosphere.

FAD Cheer & Dance offers a program of traditional American Style Cheerleading, which is sweeping the globe as one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Cheerleading classes teach all the fundamentals of cheerleading such as Stunts, Tumbles, Cheer, Dance and Pom. Cheerleading with FAD develops teamwork skills and sportsmanship in a friendly environment with coaches that really care.


Many of our locations offer Cheer Competition Classes. FAD Competition Teams compete in Local, State, National and International Cheer Competitions. Competition classes are audition based, please contact your studio for more information.

Fitness and Dance Teams have shown that FAD is a force to be reckoned with on the Cheer and Dance Floor!

In 2015 FAD brought home 155 x 1st place, 133 x 2nd place and 112 x 3rd places in State, National and International competitions. FAD WON Grand Champion Banners for: Aussie Gold Highest Overall Pom & Level 3, WCCD QLD State Grand Champion Pom and Level 3, AASCF QLD Battle Grand Champion Level 4, FNQ Championships Grand Champion Level 1.

FAD AllStar Cheer Co-Ed Level 4 Team is far undefeated in 2014 with 5 first places and WCCD Nationals Internationals Highest Scoring Level 4 Routine!

In 2014 FAD brought home 133 x 1st Places, 144 x 2nd Places and 135 x 3rd Places in State, National & International Competitions.  FAD is Aussie Gold Level 4.2 Grand Champions, WCCD QLD State Champions: Highest Level 1, 4, 4.2 and FAD AllStars brought home the Overall Highest Scoring Cheer Grand Champions. FAD are AASCF AllStar States 3rd Highest Overall Hip Hop Routine, Runner Up Overall Pom and Runner Up Overall Level 4 Routines. FAD are WCCD Internationals Highest Scoring Level 4 Routine. WCCD QLD Clash of the Champions Highest Scoring Overall Hip Hop Routine. FAD traveled to New Zealand and won Dance Grand Champions and 3rd Place Dance Grand Champions.

FAD AllStars in 2014 won 5 x 1st Places and brought home Highest Scoring Level 4 Routine at WCCD Internationals and placed 2nd at AASCF Nationals!

2013 saw FAD Bring home 118 x 1st Place, 116 x 2nd Place and 117 x 3rd Places in State, National and International Competitions. FAD is National Champions in Senior Level 3 Cheer, Senior Level 1 Cheer and Junior Hip Hop! GO FAD!!

In 2012 FAD has won 88 First Places, 132 Second Places and 100 Third Places! FAD was WCC state Champions in 23 sections.

FAD is 2012: RAVE Cheer and Dance Competition New Zealand: Dance Grand Champions,AASCF QLD States: Highest Level 4 Cheer routine of the day, AASCF QLD States: 2nd Highest Cheer routine of the day, AASCF QLD States: 3rd Highest Hip Hop routine of the day, AASCF QLD States: 3rdHighest Level 3 Cheer routine of the day, AASCF Winterfest: 2nd & 3rd Highest Jazz routine of the day and AASCF Winterfest: 3rd Highest Hip Hop routine of the day. FAD is extremely proud of all our students’ achievements, Go FAD!

In 2011, FAD Xplosion Cheerleaders brough home GOLD from Texas USA! The Level 3 Co-Ed Cheerleading team danced and tumbled their way to the Spirit National Championships in Dallas, Texas in March 2011. Xplosion showed America what Aussie Cheerleaders are made of and brought home: FIRST Place for their Pom Routine, SECOND Place for their Cheer Routine and SECOND Place for their Hip Hop Routine.

FAD Cheerleading Classes are based on the USASF (United States All Star Cheerleading Federation) guidelines incorporating a progression based program using internationally recognised safe cheer principles. The USASF safety rules are the primary guidelines used by the major Cheer and Dance competitions held in Australia and have been incorporated into our program. The classes are fun, challenging, promote teamwork and involve training in Stunts, Tumbling, Cheers and Poms. The FAD program consists of 7 levels, each level with a set technique criteria for students to achieve at their own pace accommodating for all levels and abilities.

FAD Performance Squad Classes combine all the elements of cheerleading into fun Cheer and Pom performance routines. All FAD Cheerleading students are invited to participate in FAD Squad classes. Using the skills and knowledge developed from the levels class, students learn squad routines for various performance opportunities both small and large scale. Performances are heaps of fun and help build great self confidence and team work. Please note: to participate in the squad class, attendance in a levels class is compulsory for the foundation training required.

FAD Cutie Combo class is fantastic introduction to both dance and cheerleading for the pre-school age. The class offers a mixture of Jazz, Hip Hop and Cheerleading routines allowing them to explore all 3 genres. As students progress from this age level, they can move onto the style or styles they like best to further develop their skill. This class is a fun, bright class designed to develop dance skill and improve fitness, co-ordination, flexibility and rhythm.

FAD Cutie Cheerleading Classes for ages 3-5! This fun activity based class is a great introduction to Cheerleading. This class commences building the fundamentals of Cheerleading with age appropriate Stunts, Tumbling, Cheers, Dance and Pom work. The skill training culminates in the fun cheer and pom performance routines building self confidence at an early age but most of all its lots of fun! Performances are completely optional.

FAD Mini Cheerleading is a fun class specifically designed to cater for the  6 – 8 age group. Mini Cheer is a single Cheerleading class with training in Stunts, Tumbling, Pom Work, Cheers and Dance appropriate to their age and skill level. Students in this class combine all of these cheer elements into exciting squad performance routines. Performances are completely optional.

The USASF is a non-profit organisation formed by top industry leaders to unify safety and education standards for cheer coaches and athletes around the world. The USASF aims to maximise the number of participants benefiting from the positive life experiences of cheerleading and dance and also aims to develop and promote competition rules and all star coach training guidelines consistent with the latest, best known safety education and ethical practices. The USASF safety rules and coach credentialing systems are utilised across America and throughout the world.