The FAD tumbling program caters to all ages and abilities and is offered in our recreational and competitive programs. If you are looking to tumble for Fun or to increase your tumbling skill set then we have the class for you!  From forward rolls, handsprings to tucks we teach it all in our FAD tumbling classes. Tumbling classes include emphasis on body conditioning and skill progression, allowing students to progress at their own pace.  Tumbling classes are open to all FAD students.

Requirements: All Ages, No Requirements

Learn foundation tumbling skills with an emphasis on mastering Forward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel

Requirements: All Ages 5+ Years, No Requirements

Learn basic tumbling skills with an emphasis on mastering the round off, walk overs and connected skills

Requirements: Solid Round Off

Learn tumbling skills with the emphasis on mastering the standing back handspring, the round off back handspring. Begin learning the front handspring.

Requirement: Strong Standing Back Handspring

Master the standing and running back handspring. Begin learning the technique for standing back and front tuck. Begin tumble combinations and layouts.